Treatment and Care

Healthy Paws offers a variety of veterinary services in the comfort of your own home. We have separated our services based on the species (Cats, Dogs, ChickensCows, Goats, Horses, Pigs, Rabbits, & Sheep) that we treat to make it easier for you. If you have any questions about our services please call us or email us.

All of our appointments occur in a front or backyard space that we can access without entering your home. Appointments may be moved or rescheduled due to weather. Our services include:

  • Examinations, testing, and lab work
  • Vaccinations and rabies tags
  • Preventative care
  • Geriatric care
  • Treatment of various specific problems (skin, eyes, arthritis, diabetes, etc.)
  • Dental Cleaning- with light sedation, NOT General Anesthesia

  • Allergy treatment and testing
  • Parasite treatment and prevention (fleas, worms, mites, etc.)
  • Coggins, Brucella, Scrapies and TB Tests
  • Travel health examinations and certificates
  • Small mass removal
  • Cryosurgery and cautery 
  • In-Home Euthanasia

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